Phones, Dogs and Thai Life

For those of you who don’t already know, I’ve had a heck of a time trying to get my iPhone unlocked. By Tuesday I was getting so frustrated that I decided to bite the bullet and get a used smartphone to use until I make some progress with the iPhone. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Mini from a shop on the bottom floor of Central Mall for 3500 THB which came with a SIM card, screen protector, memory card and a 3 month warranty (which the lady wrote on a business card). It ended up the the phone I got was not compatible with True Move’s 3G network.. I could have cried!

The language barrier was so difficult and I was having a really hard time understanding what the problem was. I had already bought a plan from True, so I had to get reimbursed.. it was a nightmare. There was a Thai woman fluent in English who came over to help. She translated everything, took be back to where I bought the phone to get the proper SIM card and brought me back upstairs to AIS (another Thai cell phone provider that would work with my new phone).  As we were riding the escalator back up, she handed me her cell phone and asked me to talk to her 15 year old daughter. She was so cute and excited to practice her English with me! Before we went our separate ways, she took pictures of the other girls and I with her iPad so she could show her kids! It was a bit strange, but so wonderful at the same time!

On Tuesday evening I met a woman with a Golden Retriever named Zoe! It made me so happy! I also met a teacher at the school who is from Brighton and whose father lives in Cobourg. Small world, eh!? Speaking of the word ‘eh,’ apparently I say it WAY more than I thought and everyone laughs at me. I also have a “thick Canadian accent,” who knew?

My maebon comes today. Her name is Khun Rin and I’m so excited to come home to a clean apartment / clean laundry. I think I may be able to get used to this.


One thought on “Phones, Dogs and Thai Life

  1. It is a small world Laura. I didn’t know Zoe was with you. lol When maebon is finished over there, please send her to us. lol Take care and we are so happy for you. Keep smiling. xoxo


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