Paint, Finally!

I decided that even though I will only be living in Samakee Gardens for under a year, I needed some colour in my apartment. I bought paint from HomePro and hired a painter.. and TA-DA!

The orange in my living room / dining room was inspired by a piece of art work I bought in Zanzibar. Khun Rin (our Maebon) thought it was ridiculous that I only painted two walls, but I think it’s more than enough colour.


Living Room / Yoga Space (behind the couch)

Dining Room

I picked blue in my room because I wanted a space that was calming and cool.. because everywhere else in Thailand feels so hot! I got navy blue sheets and a white duvet from Ikea, I love it!


Sutton, keeping the bed warm

The apartment is feeling more like home every day and I’m looking forward to having visitors. Which reminds me… MEGAN IS COMING TO THAILAND! She’ll be here from October 16 – November 13! We’ve conquered Europe together and now Asia! I can’t wait!


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