Right off the bat, I need to say a big Khor Thot Ka (I’m sorry) for completely slacking on posting!

It’s really insane how quickly the time is flying by. Since my last post Megan has come and gone (what a wonderful time we had together… I plan to write an entire post about our experiences in Northern Thailand and Phuket), Al and Carol have arrived, I’ve started coaching swimming three times a week, tutoring two students (Grade 2 and Grade 4), working on two online courses, teaching private swimming lessons and instructing an after school activity… not to mention working full time! The beauty of this insanity is how much I love it. Although I am burning out, missing home and counting down the seconds to Christmas break, I’m feeling happy, balanced and settled in.

The after school activity I took on in October is called Community Leaders in Action (CLA). It’s a group of 14 Grade 4 and 5 students who spend an hour on Monday afternoons playing with Thai children from a local low income day care. Here is the link to our blog if you would like to check out what we have been up to:  http://inside.isb.ac.th/cla/.

The past few weekends have been full of swim meets downtown Bangkok at some of the other international schools. I am really enjoying coaching the Junior Varsity Swim Team http://inside.isb.ac.th/athletics/jv-swim/. It’s a nice contrast to spending all day with 20 + kids under the age of 11. (Yes, I do realize that I am smaller than most of them and I don’t need a reminder… although I am happy to say that in Asia I am definitely not short.)

I can’t believe that Christmas is in less than three weeks, which means 10 days in paradise with Matt, some quality time in Bangkok and an entire week in Vietnam. Mom and dad are going to Skype me on Sunday so I can help pick out their Christmas tree (which is going to be so great!). I am sad not to have my own tree, although it is possible to get one. I saw a sign in Villa the other day that said: “Pre-Order Your Christmas Tree for Only 9,999.00 THB!” For those of you who don’t know the THB – CAD conversion, that’s about $323.00 CAD. I think I’ll settle for ornaments on my palm tree.


4 thoughts on “Update

  1. You can have one of our trees,although I guess with shipping that would work out to $ 1,346.98. Sounds busy Laura…but also sounds awesome!! Do you have your plans for Vietnam?I may have some info or comments on your choices? Great to hear from you……Merry Christmas .


  2. Hi Laura
    Thanks for your up date. Reading your last blog made me smile . I can tell with your words that you are very happy. ,and busy. You never were one to sit around . Have a Merry Christmas from the Sheeanigans xo


  3. Hi Laura:
    Thanks for keeping us up to date. You are a very busy teacher these days. Time flies when one is busy. We are happy that things are going well for you. Skyping for a Christmas tree is a new one but it will be fun. Hopefully there will be some snow on the ground. Grant & I just returned from Nassau and had a great time. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & I hope you have a great visit with Matt.
    Love Grant & Marcia xoxo


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