It’s official, we are moving to Monterrey, Mexico! I will be teaching Grade 2 and Matt will be teaching Grade 6 English / Social Studies at the American School Foundation of Monterrey. We had such a great time at the recruitment fair in Kingston (and of course it was SO nice to be home.. even for a few short days). It’s funny because even though I know I should continue practicing my Thai, I can’t help but watch YouTube videos to learn basic Spanish (already). I’m hoping that I will pick it up better and faster than Thai!

It was so refreshing to spend time with Kayla, Cameron, Mom and Dad. Keeping my trip home a secret for so many months was totally worth the look on their faces. My first night back we caught up with a bottle of whiskey, home videos, hugs and tears. The Lilac Lodge Condo was a great place to spend a few cold Canadian winter nights. Time with the girls was another highlight of the week. I am so thankful to have the most wonderful, supportive, inspiring,  kind friends in the entire world. We definitely haven’t skipped a beat. Champagne, good food and laughs all night like we haven’t even been apart! I’m already counting down the days until our summer adventures to Lesley’s cottage and Candice’s wedding!! (AHHHHHH!)

I also got to see the Sheehans, all of the Linton boys (which was AWESOME), Nana and Grandpa, Oma and Opa and my housemate, Sue, from Kingston. It was definitely a whirl wind of a trip, but exactly what I needed to get through the next few months. Being abroad has it’s ups and downs, and leading up to this trip I was definitely on a downward slide.. Canadian winter, home, friends and family and boyfriend love was the best ‘pick-me-up.’ I had Tim’s coffee as soon as I landed and went straight to Lone Star for Canadian beer and steak! I loved having the chance to eat at some of my favourite restaurants, get my hair done, DRIVE a car, sleep in my own bed and sit in front of the wood stove in our big cold house.

I did miss Thailand though and was excited to come back. It’s a bit confusing when you start to call two places (on opposite sides of the world) home. Soon we will call Monterrey home and I’ve learned this year that ‘home’ can easily be more than one place, and that’s the beauty of living overseas.


4 thoughts on “MEXICO!

  1. It was wonderful to see you!! “Home is where the heart is “. That’s why you can have more then one. Love you!!😘


  2. Sorry I missed you Laura! Can’t wait to see you in July…until then, keep on blogging and posting pictures! xoxoxox


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