Driving in Monterrey

… it’s absolutely nuts.

Imagine all the driving rules we have in Canada… yield, stop, use your blinker and obey the speed limit.

Now… imagine driving in a city with signs in a language you don’t speak, speed bumps that catch you off guard, one way streets, reternos (U turns), traffic circles, ‘Alto’ signs which should translate to ‘Stop’ but in Mexico it means ‘slow down… if you feel like it.’ Imagine driving in a city where no one uses a blinker but unpredictably weave in and out of lanes, where some cars don’t even have break lights, where 2 or 3 lanes merge into 1 without any notice and where there are performers juggling at stop lights, people trying to sell you windshield wipers and the occasional wandering horse or donkey on the way to work… got the image? Good. So, that’s what it’s like where we live!

Our new wheels, which I have appropriately nicknamed ‘Little Car’ is a 5 speed manual transmission. The funniest part is, neither of us really knew how to drive stick before this trip. The stress of navigating and driving in Mexico is one thing.. adding the 5 speed is a whole other dimension! In the last month we’ve both improved our driving… and have admittedly failed to fully stop at the occasional stop sign. It’s still going to take a lot more to get used to though! Fingers crossed that we can make it through the year without anymore bumps and bruises on Little Car!


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