Our New Home

One of the most exciting things about moving to Monterrey is once again having our own apartment! The elementary principal, Joe, and his wife, Lisa, live a few doors down from us (which has been a huge help). They kindly offered to take us to our new place and even helped us unload the jam-packed car. I still can’t believe how much stuff we were able to get in!

Our new home is so much more than I expected (since we had only seen pictures online). It is a two bedroom, two and a half bath, full kitchen / living room / dining room, laundry room and balcony. Some of the things that impress me most are:

Covered parking space (it’s hot in Mexico)

Gorgeous front door

Panoramic view of the mountains and San Pedro

Kitchen bar

Adorable kitchen space (with a dish washer)

Laundry room (with a third toilet.. so unnecessary)

King size bed

Bookshelves and city view from the bedroom

Cute sunflower guest bathroom

En suite bathroom

Bathtub (apparently they are a luxury in Mexican homes)

Lots of closet space

The guest bedroom (for anyone who wants to come for a visit.. hint hint)

The view!

The landlord (who ever he or she is) continued to amaze me… thinking of things like: toilet paper, garbage bags, decorations, a full kitchen set AND frosted beer mugs in the freezer to top it off. We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the year!


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