Should we get a dog?

In Monterrey, it seems like everyone owns a dog or has a dog that needs a home. There are so many stray pups.. and it’s starting to make us wonder if  we should consider taking one in. Crazy, right?

On Thursday night I got an e-mail from a coworker who was desperately searching for someone to adopt an abandon puppy that she found in the pouring rain. She named her  ‘Ingrid’ after the hurricane – fitting. Matt and I offered to take care of Ingrid, without committing to keep her.. but by the end of the day someone else had already agreed to take her permanently. I was surprisingly (ha, ya right) disappointed.. and we’ve been talking about all the pros / cons of owning a dog ever since.

Living internationally doesn’t make dog ownership simple at all. We have to consider the cost of doggy day care for our vacations and long weekends, veterinary expenses and possible options for Christmas and summer when we go home.

We laughed when a friend told us that when they travel within Mexico they use this kennel: Apparently it is far away from where we live, but a chauffeur comes to pick up your dog and drives them to the ‘resort’. It is about $200pesos/day, but extra for the chauffeur service. Hilarious!

There is an animal shelter walking distance from our apartment, Luca, with over 200 dogs needing a home. I’m feeling like our apartment is incomplete without Zoe or Tasha around..

Click on the link below to see all the dogs that are up for adoption.. maybe you could help us pick one?


4 thoughts on “Should we get a dog?

  1. It is a commitment and what would happen when you left Mexico for good? But I can understand how you feel.


    • That’s exactly what we’ve been debating. If we agree to make the commitment, we would ultimately be agreeing to accept the cost of bringing him/or back to Canada (either flying, or driving) and possibly even to our next destination. Who knows when or where that might be.. but I can’t imagine that flying a dog around the world isn’t cheap, or enjoyable for the dog!


      • Sometimes it’s so hard to make a decision on what you really need when you are wanting something so badly. Matt and I have been juggling with the idea of getting a dog for years. Every time we step back and really think about it, we don’t have the time or money to really devote to a dog at this particular time. I’m sure it’d be the same for you as well….how many hours each day would you actually get to spend with a dog? You wouldn’t be able to go out every night, on spur of the moment vacations or spend most weekends away traveling. Amanda always says that dogs are more work than babies! Lol


  2. I hear you! We’ve decided that now isn’t the best time and we are going to wait at least until next year until we have a bit more cash flow and a better idea of how much spare time we have. It feels like we are at home so much and haven’t been traveling on weekends like I did in Thailand, so maybe next year we’ll be ready! I think Zoe is going to have one last litter of pups. By then we might be ready to make the financial and time commitment!


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