WalMart, San Pedro Style

Wikipedia does a great job of describing our new community – “…a city-municipality of the Mexican state of Nuevo León, part of the Monterrey Metropolitan area. It is a contemporary commercial suburb of the larger metropolitan city ofMonterrey.” Yes, San Pedro is definitely ‘Mexican’ with obvious differences from the Southern US (which is only a two hour drive away) but there is an extremely clear ‘American dream’ feel to the community. Our neighborhood is lined with beautiful homes, BMWs, gardeners and gorgeous women.

We’ve been here since July and I’ve managed to survive the entire time without a blow drier or hair straightener… but enough was enough, Matt and I finally bit the bullet and made a trip to WalMart. We were dreading it, like everyone dreads going into WalMart.. but let’s just say our experience was significantly different than in Canada and we were pleasantly surprised.

While there were some similarities, like Christmas decorations already out (in front of the Halloween stuff, figure that one out) here are some of the big differences we noticed:


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