Thankful for Tulum

We spent American Thanksgiving in Tulum, it was lovely… busy and expensive, but lovely. We flew into Cancun and rented a car at the airport with a few friends. From Cancun, the drive to Tulum is simple and stress-free. We even stopped in Playa del Carmen for lunch! There are buses that you can take, but we decided to go with the car because it would allow us to travel in and around Tulum conveniently.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.30.18 PM.png

Matt and I stayed at Hotel Cabañas Los Lirios Tulum for four nights. The room was spacious and comfortable and the hotel was right on the beach (and had a pool!). Breakfast was delicious (and included, which always feels like a bonus) and the bartender made perfect piña coladas!

Here is a list of some things we did: 

Went for a run on the beach, then lounged on the beach all afternoon and made friends with bartenders (so much for the calories burned) and of course also made friends with a golden retriever.

Ate dinner at the most delicious and romantic restaurant I’ve ever been to, Posada Margherita. A colleague recommended this Italian restaurant to us and I’m so glad we took her advice. If you ever find yourself in Tulum, Posada Margherita is a MUST.


Visited the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. Many people biked or walked, but we decided to drive to save time. It was incredible! We went first thing in the morning before the huge crowds and heat of the day.


We tried our best to search for some cheaper food alternatives than the beach-front hotels. One of our favorite places was called Mateo’s Mexican Grill.. where we found ourselves eating fish tacos and burritos more than once.

We also took a drive to Akumal to swim with the sea turtles. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. There were turtles to see, as well as what felt like 100s of people paying for life-jackets and snorkeling gear (which is mandatory to enter the beach site). Overall, it was touristy and what felt like a very unnatural way to experience sea turtles.

Matt went scuba diving in the cenotes (I was too scared and opted out to lounge on the beach a little bit more). He loved it and luckily over a year later I was able to make it back to this region to check them out for myself.

Overall, Tulum is a “must” in Mexico. The vibe is laid back, hip, and has a backpacker feel with a hit of luxury at the same time.

Loved it!



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