To Doha, Qatar We Go

November 23, 2015. Today was a big day for us. Matt and I woke up to an e-mail from American School of Doha, with official offers, salary scale, compensation details and letters of intent. We’ve been talking about this chapter in our lives for years now, since arriving in Monterrey we’ve been dreaming about where our career path will lead us next. South East Asia? Africa? South America? Europe? or… the Middle East? Doha, Qatar it is, and am I ever excited!


For those of you (like me before I started researching ASD) who have no idea where Qatar is.. it shares a boarder with Saudi Arabia and is surrounded by the Persian Gulf. It has the highest per capita income in the world, a very high standard of living, camels, and a lot of sand. It’s going to be fascinating!

The recruiting process has been a roller coaster to stay the least. We began creating our online teaching portfolio, which turned out better than I imagined, last summer ( I’m really proud of how it turned out! We registered with Search Associates and Schrole, and quickly discovered that most schools require interested candidates to apply through completely separate independent sites. It was a pain in the butt!

It felt like every day from mid September – mid October we were coming home after work, writing cover letters, browsing Search Associates, and adding to our never-ending to-do list. Talk about stress! We received a few automated responses, a couple “nos,” a lot of nothing, and three schools interested in interviewing us! We were so excited! While the other interviews went well, as soon as we interviewed with ASD we had a really, really great feeling about it. The decision felt right!

We are looking forward to continuing this crazy journey together. Keep following for travel posts from the past 2 years in Mexico (haha) and hopefully some more frequent updates about our life in the desert!




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