When we found out that our close friend and favorite travel companion, Tyrel, was going to be joining us in Doha for a week, we started looking into nearby destinations to spend the long weekend together. Since we all know that 24 hours is enough time to see almost everything Doha has to offer (exaggerating just a bit here), we knew that finding another place to explore would be a good idea.

Admittedly, I had never even heard of Oman before moving to Doha. Considering I’d never heard of it, I was surprised to discover that it has been included in Lonley Planet’s Top 10 Countries to Travel list of 2017. Not only is Oman Loney Planet approved, it was highly recommended by our colleagues. With direct flights to and from Doha, history, mountains, turquoise sea, and souqs… we were sold!

Day 1: We arrived at the airport in the evening, and were greeted by a driver arranged by our Airbnb host. We bought some alcohol in the airport (which is legal in Oman) and brought it back to our apartment in Muscat for a night cap.

If you are new to Airbnb, click on this link to sign up! It’s amazing.

There are many luxury hotels popping up in Oman. If these are in your budget, we’ve heard that many of them are incredible. Personally, we were looking for something suitable for 3 people without breaking the bank. 

Day 2: Today we did a lot of walking! In the morning walked from our apartment to the beach and had breakfast at a quaint restaurant called D’Arcy’s Kitchen. After breakfast, we took a cab outside of Muscat to an area with a few museums and forts. We started our self-guided walking tour at Bait Al Zubair Museum. After exploring there, we walked towards the National Museum of Oman and Al Alman Place (Sultan’s Palace). We followed the road towards the corniche, took a lovely walk through the park, and soaked in the breathtaking view of the sea front. We continued walking along the road until we reached Mutrah Souq. We stopped for lunch and a refreshing drink, and then spent some time discovering the Souq’s nooks and crannies. In the evening, we found ourselves searching for a shisha cafe. Trip Advisor lead us to a spot called Kargeen Cafe, which we absolutely LOVED.

Day 3: Rise and shine, bright and early (not really though). The night before, we sent a WhatsApp message to our airport driver to ask about arranging a ride to Wadi Shab. We agreed on a fair price and time for pick-up. He said he was going to send his brother, or cousin, or friend… it didn’t matter to us, as long as someone showed up… and they did! Right on time. Our driver, Omar, was lovely! He drove to Wadi Shab, which was the highlight of our trip and made a few extra stops along the way.

Day 4: Since our flight back to Doha was in the late afternoon, we had time to spend the morning at the Grand Mosque. It closes to the public at 11AM and isn’t open on Fridays, so we had to be mindful about planning when we were going to visit. The pictures don’t do this mosque justice.


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