Colonial Zacatecas

By the beginning of October we were feeling settled, comfortable and finally ready to get out of the San Pedro bubble and begin exploring the ‘real’ Mexico. We decided to use our first three day weekend to take a road trip to Zacatecas, a colonial city about 5 hours from Monterrey.  It was a breath of fresh air, a new adventure and everything we were looking for. Check it out:

At first we thought it would be best to take a bus from Monterrey to Zacatecas. We have heard that the buses in Mexico are a great option for traveling, relatively inexpensive and comfortable. The cost of the bus per person each way was approximately 450 pesos, so between Matt and I it would have cost 1,800 pesos! At that point, we started to seriously consider driving. After humming and hawing, we decided that driving was the best choice for us. It was much more affordable, we were able to go at our own pace and we got great gas milage in the Little Car. Plus, as you can see in the pictures, the scenery was absolutely beautiful!

Our hotel, Posada de la Moneda was in the perfect location. It was cheap and clean.. perfect! Definitely a budge hotel, a little dark and dated, but we were happy with it.

The first morning, we walked around the city and through the colorful colonials in search of El Eden (an old silver mine that has been adapted for tours) and the famous cable car that rides to Cerro de La Bufa.

Our entirely Spanish tour of the mine. It was chilly down there!

Beautiful views from La Buffa and our taco stand meal!

For Sunday brunch, we went to the famous Quinta Real Zacatecas. It was about 250.00 pesos per person, but so worth it. The best Mexican style breakfast I’ve ever had (with fresh berries, yogurt, fried beans, omelets, pastries, even mashed potatoes!).

On the last day, Matt and I ventured around the city – stopping to admire the churches, art galleries and beautiful buildings. We had a few beers on a roof top patio overlooking the street. It was the perfect view for a car show!